Opportunities For Graduates
The ADNOC Group Fresh Graduates Program (AGFGP) is a development pathway to permanent employment within ADNOC for high-calibre Emirati graduates. It provides on-the-job training and career development opportunities over the course of two years, allowing top-tier graduates to gain expertise in their chosen field while working alongside experienced colleagues.
What We Offer
On-the-job training and mentoring, starting with orientation programs that cover ADNOC’s business, mission, vision, values, commitment to health, safety and environment.

Trainees are assigned roles based on their competencies and are supported by their line managers and coaches. The People Development Team also helps trainees set goals for their development.

Through regular reviews and assessments, trainees will have a competency job skill profile that confirms their capability and readiness for future roles within the ADNOC Group, or elsewhere.
What We Look For
  • High calibre candidates with Emirati citizenship.
  • Completion of all entry assessments and interviews.
  • Completion of, or exemption from, National Service.​​​​​​​

What To Expect During The Recruitment Process

  • Complete and pass all entry assessments and interviews, including personality and ability online assessments and face-to-face technical interviews with Subject Matter Experts during Town Halls and Career Days.

  • Pass the medical fitness examinations.

  • Receive government clearances and approval to hire.

  • Complete the ADNOC Group Fresh Graduate Program (AGFGP). 
​​​​​​​Town Hall
Career Day
Town Hall
Town Halls evaluate a candidate’s abilities and knowledge through different stages.

Stage 1 – Behavioral and technical assessments

  • Ability & personality assessments. 
  • Knowledge-based online assessment.

Stage 2 – Technical panel interview

  • Educational background.
  • Technical, practical questions.
  • Problem-solving & decision making.
Career Days
Following your successful selection from the Town Halls, you will go to the next stage of the recruitment process, Career Day. Career Days are designed to:

  • Provide awareness and orientation of ADNOC Group to the candidates.

  • Introduce the ADNOC Group Fresh Graduate Program training contract.

  • Conduct technical interviews to select top-tier candidates.
ADNOC Group Fresh Graduate Program
The ADNOC Group Fresh Graduates Program is a development pathway to permanent employment within ADNOC for high-caliber Emirati graduates. It exposes trainees to the culture and values of ADNOC before potentially being offered permanent employment as direct hire employees and facilitate that transition. It allows fresh graduates to develop their skills and expertise through real-work activities while being coached by experts. 

The duration of the program is up to two years. The performance and competency of trainees will be evaluated quarterly against Youth Development Standards, and a decision will be made accordingly at each stage. Finally, based on panel verification, the company may offer the trainee a permanent position aligned with the needs of the business.

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